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Owners and brothers, George and Brian Weathered grew up twenty miles west of Chicago in LaGrange, Illinois. As young boys they had full access to the family two-car garage where they could help or watch their father fix the family car, build mini bikes, go-karts, and generally modify anything with a motor on it.

George, at age 12, built a rear-engine, 5 HP snowmobile out of wood. The sled had two skies up front and a knobby tire in the rear. Brian, four years younger, was usually the test dummy/pilot. The machine made a better trench digger than snow mobile. A week later, after the snow had melted, they took the skis off and made a wild, three wheel go-cart with rope steering and no brakes. Luckily, they survived that era.

The late 60's and early 70's were the peak of the American muscle car. George and Brian spent their teen years customizing their own cars, friend's cars, and they became interested in drag racing. George got his first job turning wrenches at the age of 16 at Jack Douglass Chevrolet, in Hinsdale, IL. Jack, the owner of the dealer, loved high performance cars and sold a lot of Corvettes and Yenko muscle cars, so George fit in well. Later, Brian started working with George at the dealer and they have worked together ever since. They both received training at the General Motors training center, and became ASE certified. George eventually became the service manager.

In 1973, Jack Douglass sponsored a Can-Am car at Road America and the race team prepped the car at the dealer. Brian and George helped in the pits and got hooked on road racing. Their interest shifted from American muscle cars to European sports cars in the early eighties. They both worked for AMG, a small (at the time) Mercedes high performance tuning company. Brian, at AMG in Germany, received intensive eight weeks of training on high performance engines and suspension. Together they got to work on exciting cars like the "AMG Hammer", "Sylvester Stallone's AMG 6.0 Wide-Body SEC", "Kremer 935" and "DP Porsche's."

IMG_0192_sizedIn 1984, the Weathered’s decided to open up their own shop and rented a six car garage in Elk Grove, IL and started Midwest Eurosport. They specialized in European sports car repair and started supporting customers at vintage and IMSA road races. In 1985, Midwest Eurosport officially became one of the first Bosch service centers in the country, specializing in Bosch fuel and electrical systems used in European cars. They grew out of the six car garage, and in 1989 they bought an old, seven thousand square foot Ford dealer in Bensenville, IL. The business really took off in 1992 when the Porsche Club of America started it’s own race program.

Since then, they have focused on Porsche service and race prep. In 1996, they bought a five-car Semi tractor and trailer to support their race and driver’s ed customers at the track. Eurosport supports ten to twelve races per year.

Eurosport does everything in-house. The company rebuilds engines and transmissions and has a dyno room/test cell to develop racing and test street engines.

Joliet-BuildingIn 2006, having outgrown their Bensenville location, they opened a second shop in Joliet on the grounds of the Autobahn Country Club race track. This new location has a larger dyno room and more space for engine building. The second location at the track allows Eurosport to test race and modified street cars on the race track. Both locations offer Porsche routine service, scheduled maintenance, engine and transmission rebuilding, race car building and race prep.

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